Psychology lesson!

This is my first blog, and I am kind of excited!

People will get to see my “very important” opinion anytime they want! ;D

I would like to start by posting a link of something really cool.

If you know and are interested about the left/right brain theories, this will be quite interesting.

This is a link to a revolving woman!

As explained on the page, if she is turning counter-clockwise you are using your left brain and are most likely: analytical, logical and sequential

If she is turning clockwise you are using your right brain and are most likely: sensitive to feelings, imaginative, and impulsive

If your brain is balanced it can turn both ways… just not at the same time 😀

I hope this has made your day a little more interesting!

btw… switching direction is possible. I find when I start thinking about other things it starts spinning like a right brainer

Anthony Myers Inc.


One Response

  1. I could only get it to turn clockwise.

    I guess I am not as balanced as my astrology sign, libra, says I am.

    good to know!

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