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The Importance of Building Relationships

Every time I meet someone who is looking to enter the job market or is making important decisions for their future, I have one piece of advice for them:

“It is not what you know. It is who you know.”

I learned this lessons in college, where they professed volunteering and networking as important parts of building your career. (Another thing I advise every young person I meet to start working on)

I like to further this point even more with this quote: “The more people who know you’re awesome, the better.”

I find these principals especially important in my new home of Halifax.

A lot of the job opportunities I have found here have come directly or indirectly from contacts.

I recently went to an unveiling of an employment survey done by a Fusion Halifax action team.

It talked about the struggles people have to find a job in this city.

One issue the survey brought forward was that around 80 per cent of jobs aren’t even posted!

The panelists at the event made the point that it is important to meet people in your field and build relationships that can connect you to job opportunities in the future. They even discussed meeting leaders in a company you would like to work for and asking questions about the industry. They said it makes you look really smart and motivated!

The event was great for me, because it reiterated the actions I’ve been using to find a job since my first visit last May. (And I also found a new contact who subsequently set me up with another person!)

In May, I went on a vacation to Halifax so I could network with PR professionals who knew some of my contacts in Ottawa. It was an amazing trip and it really gave me a head start when I moved here in September.

I also joined CPRS Nova Scotia and Fusion Halifax when I arrived. Both of these organizations have given me many opportunities to network and volunteer.

I cannot wait until I settle on a career I enjoy and start giving something back to the people who helped me along the way. Making sure your relationships are mutually beneficial is the best way to keep them strong.

Check out this blog post on “The Art of Schmoozing” for a step-by-step guide to networking/schmoozing.

Movie Review: One Week

I just went to a premiere of a new Joshua Jackson movie called “One Week.”

It was Canadian… No don’t walk away!

This movie was really good. It was the answer to the question of “What would you do if you had one week to live?” to Ben Tyler.

Ben played it way too safe in life and when he found out he was sick with an aggressive cancer, he did some unexpected things.

I really liked the sarcastic nature of the movie, and the little bits of irony sprinkled in. (Right after he was diagnosed, he was almost run over by a truck!)

Not going to say anymore, but it really makes you see that living your life to the fullest every day should be a priority!

Click here for the Wikipedia article. Click here for the website.

I was just kidding about the all Canadian movies being bad (look at all the horrible movies the U.S. produces!)

This movie reminded me of two other great Canadian movies: Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and C.R.A.Z.Y.

There is just something amazing about seeing pieces of your country’s culture and extraordinary sites in film.

I’m definitely making an effort to watch more Canadian movies… and maybe some more CBC!

WiiFit changed my Life

I’ve only played it few times, but it has made an impact.

On two occasions, it gave me a lot to think about.

The first time, it told me that my right hip was tight.

This little plastic thing told me something that I didn’t even know about my body.
I knew that there something wrong with the leg, but I couldn’t put my finger on it like WiiFit did.

The other time it gave me a bit of advice on posture.

It said something like “Posture is subconsciously tightening your muscles.”

Something clicked in my mind, and I realized the path to fixing my back problems. I started walking around with my head up, chest out and stomach in for a few days and it started to loosen and tighten the right muscles.

I’m still not totally healed, but I’m working on it everyday.

Today is a New Day

I have been neglecting the blog that carries my name… and this saddens me.

I started it in a furor because I thought I needed a net presence. I still do, and now I’m ready to let people know what I am all about.

My interests are sports (because I like competition) MMA, Technology, Health, Politics and the news. Basically, I will read about anything and love learning new things.

More posts to come!

Stay tuned.