Movie Review: One Week

I just went to a premiere of a new Joshua Jackson movie called “One Week.”

It was Canadian… No don’t walk away!

This movie was really good. It was the answer to the question of “What would you do if you had one week to live?” to Ben Tyler.

Ben played it way too safe in life and when he found out he was sick with an aggressive cancer, he did some unexpected things.

I really liked the sarcastic nature of the movie, and the little bits of irony sprinkled in. (Right after he was diagnosed, he was almost run over by a truck!)

Not going to say anymore, but it really makes you see that living your life to the fullest every day should be a priority!

Click here for the Wikipedia article. Click here for the website.

I was just kidding about the all Canadian movies being bad (look at all the horrible movies the U.S. produces!)

This movie reminded me of two other great Canadian movies: Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and C.R.A.Z.Y.

There is just something amazing about seeing pieces of your country’s culture and extraordinary sites in film.

I’m definitely making an effort to watch more Canadian movies… and maybe some more CBC!


One Response

  1. I loved “One Week.” Thought it was incredible.

    Like the blog, hope you guys are doing well!!

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