I tweet with Shaq, and more ways I’m using Twitter

Actually he tweets with me (I follow him, he doesn’t seem to care as much about my day) but that is not the point.

I am a huge fan of Shaq (since the Orlando days) and I really enjoy him ruminating about himself getting old, and being pissed he lost a game on his birthday.
I don’t really like the pic he posted of him giving the peace sign while he was in the bathroom, though. Here it is, in case you are curious. lol

I’ve also found a new “news reader” called Ohpan. It is in the beta stage, but I got in because I also tweet with Michael Arrington, the founder of Techcrunch. It is a really cool and futuristic looking tool, and I will let everyone know when it is out of the beta stage.

Since I don’t have a lot of friends on Twitter, I am using it as a way to keep connected with people in the social media industry and also as a constant reminder that these people have cool websites that I should keep in touch with.

I was a little skeptical about Twitter at first.  But when you use it in your own way, it can offer what you need and more. I’m just scratching the surface on its capabilities, but I’m anxious to learn all I can.

I encourage anyone with the slightest bit of interest in social media or communications to join Twitter, and you can start following me by clicking here.


3 Responses

  1. Good post! I’m right there with ya! Learning more than sharing. It has already given me lots of perspective as we plan our new young worker campaign. But you are so right…just scratching the surface…very exciting though.

  2. Twitter is the word of the day

  3. Everyday I am learning how to use it more!

    I ended up using it for media relations today and it kinda just happened!

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