4 reasons why a PR consultant should go to a Home Show

It was in a non-pedestrian friendly location which meant I had to walk through ditches, cross highways, and walk more than 30 minutes. (20 if you know exactly where you are going…)

My first home show at Exhibition Park in Halifax still turned out to be a great experience! I learned a lot about what goes into creating a home for yourself. From the architect’s renderings, roof options, insulation options,  maintaining clean air, garage door openers, financing options, solar panel installation and much more.

My main goals were to promote my consulting business and Waldii. It was definitely worth the trek and here are my reasons to go to a home show with a public relations consultant’s hat on:

1. Clients, Clients and more Clients

When I first heard of the idea of a PR consultant, in my first few days of class, I thought it would be a great job/business. I also thought that I would be the one to bring the power of PR to the under served market of small businesses. My day was spent going to booths and telling the owners about the value of PR and how it can help their business. Some were receptive, some were not, but I got cards from them all.

2. Networking

A lot of small business owners have regular day jobs. Sometimes these day jobs need PR help as well! Through getting to know some of the people at the booths, I was able to figure out ways to help them and ways for them to help me. For example, I met a mortgage broker who also hosts a radio show. He offered to interview me about the PR business! I will let you know how the interview goes, very soon.

3. Other Business Opportunities

Through my adventure at Exhibition park, I was offered two jobs! A couple of people thought I could do a good job selling/referring their products. These opportunities came as a surprise to me. However, I quickly realized that through my addiction to networking I could easily find people who need the products and connect them to something they need anyway!

4. Small Business Advice

Most of the booths were manned by small businesses, like myself. Through talking with these people, I gleaned a lot of information on how to get the most out of small resources. I met a mortgage broker/financial expert who gave me a place to find cheap business cards, and other business needs. I also met a guy who told me about more networking opportunities, advice on who to contact in the home show, and some valuable tips on organizing a busy life.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your abilities! Good things will happen when you put yourself out there.


2 Responses

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of your networking at the Home Show, you’ll have to let me know. Also, you should post a blog with what time you’re going to be on the radio for readers to listen in.

  2. Thanks for the comment Cait.
    I will keep you posted on how it plays out.

    As soon as I know when the interview will be, you will know!

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