Waldii on Haligonia.ca

Hey guys,

Two of Waldii’s founders will be on Haligonia.ca talking about our creation.

Ian Conrad and I will be interviewed at 12:15 AST.

Check it out live, or find us after!

I will be posting the direct link to the video as soon as it is ready.



4 reasons why a PR consultant should go to a Home Show

It was in a non-pedestrian friendly location which meant I had to walk through ditches, cross highways, and walk more than 30 minutes. (20 if you know exactly where you are going…)

My first home show at Exhibition Park in Halifax still turned out to be a great experience! I learned a lot about what goes into creating a home for yourself. From the architect’s renderings, roof options, insulation options,  maintaining clean air, garage door openers, financing options, solar panel installation and much more.

My main goals were to promote my consulting business and Waldii. It was definitely worth the trek and here are my reasons to go to a home show with a public relations consultant’s hat on:

1. Clients, Clients and more Clients

When I first heard of the idea of a PR consultant, in my first few days of class, I thought it would be a great job/business. I also thought that I would be the one to bring the power of PR to the under served market of small businesses. My day was spent going to booths and telling the owners about the value of PR and how it can help their business. Some were receptive, some were not, but I got cards from them all.

2. Networking

A lot of small business owners have regular day jobs. Sometimes these day jobs need PR help as well! Through getting to know some of the people at the booths, I was able to figure out ways to help them and ways for them to help me. For example, I met a mortgage broker who also hosts a radio show. He offered to interview me about the PR business! I will let you know how the interview goes, very soon.

3. Other Business Opportunities

Through my adventure at Exhibition park, I was offered two jobs! A couple of people thought I could do a good job selling/referring their products. These opportunities came as a surprise to me. However, I quickly realized that through my addiction to networking I could easily find people who need the products and connect them to something they need anyway!

4. Small Business Advice

Most of the booths were manned by small businesses, like myself. Through talking with these people, I gleaned a lot of information on how to get the most out of small resources. I met a mortgage broker/financial expert who gave me a place to find cheap business cards, and other business needs. I also met a guy who told me about more networking opportunities, advice on who to contact in the home show, and some valuable tips on organizing a busy life.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your abilities! Good things will happen when you put yourself out there.

CPRS Session with Bessy Nikolaou

I recently attended a CPRS PD session on Social Media. It was really informative and it was presented in an elegant and easily understandable way.

Bessy did a great job of starting with the basics and organized the presentation into easily digestible points that her audience could understand.

It started off with some wicked stats and videos! Basically computers are getting VERY powerful and China will have more English speakers than the U.S. soon.

There was also a video explaining social media in the simplest terms possible. I also posted it on my consulting page, because it is so amazing!

Here are a key few points or observations I took away from the presentation:

  1. Social media is a communication tool, just like TV, newspapers or any other media. To be successful, you need the same research, strategy, and tactics used for any other PR campaign.
  2. Old media involved pushing your message where you think your audience is. New media is about pulling your audience to the message.
  3. Social media is an authentic and transparent medium. You must be prepared to monitor the discussion about your organization and be totally accountable for your actions.
  4. Social media releases are just guest blog posts!
  5. Social media is an amazing way to connect with people. A prodigal son or daughter coming back to their city needs only Twitter, Facebook, and some time to feel right at home again.

The session gave me some great fundamental knowledge of social media that will help me use it more effectively and efficiently. I feel a hundred times more ready to tackle any project!

Waldii.com – Put your Events on the Map!

Waldii is a brand new business a group of dedicated and talented people started and launched in one weekend! It was held at the Hub Halifax from March 24-26.

Waldii is a place where you can post events, promotions, and sales on an interactive map. For example, business/networking sessions, fundraisers, and your group’s kite flying event! (One of the programmers loves to fly kites. I know… weird. jk Bill)

It began with people signing up for four categories: Programmer, Designer, Marketer, and Management on the Halifax Weekend website. I chose management and marketing. Here is a link to a few of the 15 participants.

On Friday we pitched ideas for a business we would like to start, and we made a decision on a concept. On Saturday and Sunday, the idea evolved into the awesomeness it currently is!

The programmers and designers are working on it constantly and it is getting better and better, every minute! Managers and marketers are doing their part, but the promotion, sales, and networking responsibilities are not as sexy.

Waldii’s official launch party is Monday April 6 at the Foggy Goggle in downtown Halifax. Come out and meet the founders from 6-8! Click the link below for details!


Click here for our story in the Chronicle Herald! Great job Patrick and Bill!

Follow Waldii on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook.

Btw, she is an otter.

My Lunch with the Networking King of Halifax

Did you know that in a survey conducted about working professionals by Pepperdine University, the people who made the most money considered themselves great networkers?

Matt Whitman is the king, and he gave a group of us at the Halifax Club an eye-opening presentation on advanced networking.

He says we need to take networking to the next level, to really grow our business and help each other out.

We started by introducing ourselves and giving a short “elevator” speech that you should always have ready when you are meeting someone for the first time.

We also did skills assessments that listed the basic skills he thought were important for networking, and also allowed us to see where we needed to improve.

One of Matt’s philosophies is to help as many people as you can, without thinking about what you can get back from them. People who are only in it for themselves are easy to see, and will not get the responses that they want. The more people you help the better off everyone will be, and you will probably get something back in return.

I met a diverse group of great people, who were ready and willing to give me advice and guidance. I also got a chance to talk about becoming a newly christened PR consultant in a friendly and encouraging environment. And I know they are looking for clients for me, just as hard as I am looking for clients for them!

One person I met told me to go to the Halifax Home Show to try to stir up some business. That was some of the best advice I have ever gotten! I went to the event, and I ended up with a couple contracts, many interested companies, two job offers, an offer to be interviewed about PR on a radio station, and I got enough business cards to kill a tree!

Matt also gave me a book called Twelve Pillars. It was written by Jim Rohn, the mentor to Anthony Robbins, and Chris Widener. It chronicles the conversations of a downtrodden man who meets a very wise gardener when his car breaks down on an dirt road.

It characterizes 12 fundamental truths that all truly successful people emulate. It was a great read, and I recommend it to anyone. It will motivate you to do things you never thought possible!

Two years ago, I never thought I would be starting my own business as a PR consultant. My path shows that if you work hard, be nice to everyone you meet, and find the right mentors a lot of good things will happen to you.

We should have Earth Hour more often!

I would just like to say thanks to all the people in Halifax, and the rest of the world, who observed Earth Hour!

Hopefully more people will take a little more time and effort to use our natural resources and energy wisely.

I was amazed at how clear the night sky was! (My reason we should have Earth Hour more often) I love looking at the stars and finding constellations. It must have been a great night for anyone who had a telescope!

I’m down for doing another Earth Hour, at the same thing next month… What do you guys think?

Fox News: Exposed

Have you heard the news about the Fox News Network apologizing to Canadians for one of their show’s “extra ignorant” segments?

I saw this video before the hoopla about apologies and it really made me angry. Angry enough to post it on my Facebook feed and write an email to the show saying I hope their show is cancelled, and that the complexities of a World War at the stage of weaponry we have today (e.g. nuclear bombs) eludes them.

Be warned this video is really ignorant stuff, and it could make you really angry. You may even join a Facebook group about it!

This is a great “comeback” to the segment. It is a series of pictures and words depicting the history of the Canadian/U.S. military relationship shown over the audio of the show’s segment.

I am very surprised it garnered this much publicity, but you can’t make fun of over 150 Canadian heroes and expect to get away with it.

Side note: Fox News only exists because there is a market for their nonsense. I was watching Bill Maher and one of his guests, Keith Olbermann, said that after talking to the owner, Rupert Murdoch, he found out money is his only motivation for producing the channel. If he could make money running a totally liberal channel, he would do it.

Food for thought.