Formula 1 Going through Biggest Turnaround in Sports

I am a huge fan of Formula 1 racing!

There is something about knowing it is the absolute best way to move on four wheels.

F1 has gone through a monumental shift because of new rule changes they implemented before this season.

See the flashy video:

This season Jenson Button, a driver with the Brawn GP team who had trouble finishing races last year, won the first two races. And in the Chinese Grand Prix last weekend was third.

Now to the big turnaround.

The Red Bull Team just got their first one-two finish in team history at the Chinese Grand Prix. Congratulations Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber! They also had trouble being competitive and finishing races throughout their five year history. I guess the wings finally started working. 🙂

Ferarri, the team that has dominated since the start of F1 racing, is having their worst start in many years with no championship points in the first three races.

Personally, I think this situation is great. Parody is good for sports and I am glad a fresh palate of rules has set a more competitive playing ground for teams. The skill and adaptability of Brawn and Redbull has given them an early advantage, and hopefully Ferrari and the other teams can catch up!