Social Media and Twitter are Officially on the Map

Check out this amazing post from PR 2.0, on what the race to a million followers meant for Twitter, and thus social media.

For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about…

Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to a race of being the first person/entity to have 1 million followers on Twitter. Then a bunch of other celebrities joined the race, including Oprah (I couldn’t resist following her… Haven’t seen many of her tweets though.)

Colin Solis also talks about how Ashton Kutcher used Twitter as a way to develop awareness for malaria and get more donations from twitter users.

It really opened my eyes to how social media can benefit the world by bringing people together for amazing causes.

Although I should have known this by know. e.g. Obama’s campaign, the Donate for Dachshunds campaign in Halifax, and Colin Hebb using facebook for his quest for $2,000 for Revolution 2009.

Relatively long post, but worth the read!