A Week in the Life…

Haven’t posted in more than a week, but a lot of has happened.

  • I got a Mac yesterday! The trackpad is awesome… amongst other things.
  • Have a few more clients!
  • My girlfriend’s birthday was on May 4. Her surprise pajama party was a great time!
  • Our fish died… It was a red betta fish she got for her birthday. We were shopping for a new home for him and when we got home, it had jumped out of its bowl. We hadn’t even settled on a name, I wanted “Fish” she wanted “Delicious Red.”
  • RIP Delicious Red AKA Fish : May 4 2009 – May 6 2009
  • An election was called for the Nova Scotia Parliament. I will be helping Liberal MLA Diana Whalen on her re-election bid.
  • Joined another Fusion action team, Health & Wellness! Can’t wait to work with some more great people.
  • Went to Nick Brunt’s art show at the Paragon. He is a co-founder of Waldii, and an amazing artist and graphic designer.
  • Finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name (AnthonyMyersPR.com) and a hosting package with Netfirms.
  • My blog will be transferred very soon. Can’t wait for my new layout!
  • Took my personal branding to the next level, and got AnthonyMyersPR.com stiched into a new hat I bought.
  • I am using Tweetie, a Mac-only Twitter application. It rocks!
  • Went to another show at Exhibition Park. The Saltscape Expo was great, and I met some fantastic people and hopefully some more clients!

Thanks for stopping by!