Public relations consulting is my passion. I work with a variety of clients and have many responsibilities in the HRM and beyond. I will use my experience and connections to support your organization in any way possible.

Social Media

Social media can connect you to your audience. You can provide and support online communities to earn feedback and build relationships with your customers and users. I will use a variety of marketing strategies to spread your message through the social media sphere!

Check out this great video explaining Social Media.


Need to communicate with a government body? We can work on strategies to get your views to politicians and the public, and garner interest and support. Let your voice be heard!


Need media coverage for a product launch, event, or anything else that you can think of? We will work together to find a hook that will interest your audience and bring business through your doors.


I can take your brand to the next level! With a focus on consistency, we can build your brand, piece by piece, to offer a connection to your customers that will bring them back, again and again.

Network Marketing

I am an avid networker and enjoy connecting people to who or what they need! I wear many hats, and there is no reason why I can’t wear yours.

Media Monitoring/Analysis

Curious as to how much value you are receiving for your media coverage? We can measure your publicity and find your return on investment by showing coverage reach and attachingĀ  a monetary value to each story!

Anything else you need?

Contact me and I will see if I can help you. Or, I will find someone who can!


Volunteering is very important to me and it feels great to be able to help in any way.
Organizations I currently volunteer with include:

  • The Nova Scotia Young Liberals
  • Fusion Halifax
  • Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Public Relations Society – NS branch

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