A Week in the Life…

Haven’t posted in more than a week, but a lot of has happened.

  • I got a Mac yesterday! The trackpad is awesome… amongst other things.
  • Have a few more clients!
  • My girlfriend’s birthday was on May 4. Her surprise pajama party was a great time!
  • Our fish died… It was a red betta fish she got for her birthday. We were shopping for a new home for him and when we got home, it had jumped out of its bowl. We hadn’t even settled on a name, I wanted “Fish” she wanted “Delicious Red.”
  • RIP Delicious Red AKA Fish : May 4 2009 – May 6 2009
  • An election was called for the Nova Scotia Parliament. I will be helping Liberal MLA Diana Whalen on her re-election bid.
  • Joined another Fusion action team, Health & Wellness! Can’t wait to work with some more great people.
  • Went to Nick Brunt’s art show at the Paragon. He is a co-founder of Waldii, and an amazing artist and graphic designer.
  • Finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name (AnthonyMyersPR.com) and a hosting package with Netfirms.
  • My blog will be transferred very soon. Can’t wait for my new layout!
  • Took my personal branding to the next level, and got AnthonyMyersPR.com stiched into a new hat I bought.
  • I am using Tweetie, a Mac-only Twitter application. It rocks!
  • Went to another show at Exhibition Park. The Saltscape Expo was great, and I met some fantastic people and hopefully some more clients!

Thanks for stopping by!


Ken Dryden at The Hub Halifax

I met Ken before his presentation and I asked him what it was like to win the Stanley Cup, and he asked me if I had won a championship.

I told him about my West Conference Championship win in Rugby and my Midget Football victory. He said it was the same feeling.

He said usually players say “it hasn’t sunk in yet” when asked how they feel, right after winning. But they eventually realize it doesn’t change much about their lives.

This was the man I met at a Fusion event, hosted by The Hub Halifax, on Wednesday.

The MP from Toronto is the Liberal Party’s National Outreach Advisor, Poverty and Working Families. He lead an interesting discussion on how important early childhood development is.

Ken said one thing he hated was people not being given a chance to succeed. Especially through poverty.

He talked about how poverty can keep people behind in their development. He explained how being even a little behind, especially in what is supposed to be a fair race, is pretty debilitating when you think about it.

A powerful metaphor he used was trying to start a 100m race 10 metres behind your competitors. The 100m is the fastest race around, and in many ways life is as well. Seeing the backs of all your competitors in front of you and never quite being able to catchup, no matter how hard you tried… Not a nice way to race, or go through life.

In the discussion period, I told him I believed it was the government’s main responsibility to keep everyone healthy and smart, and I aimed to support that cause some day. He told me good luck!

If you look at my About Me section you can see that I am very passionate about having a healthy lifestyle, because everyone knows “A healthy body equals a healthy mind.”

Ken Dryden really inspired me to keep moving forward on my campaign for healthy living, and also to take a more political role in my country.

I also met Stephen McNeil, the Leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal party, and I will be posting a picture of the three of us soon. (Right place at the right time, I guess!)

One more thing he talked about was how many young people are disinterested in politics. But he explained that young people may be disinterested in politics but they must be interested in the world, and politics is supposed to be the way that we change it.

Let’s all make change happen.