AIM Conference Debreifing

I volunteered for the Atlantic Internet Marketing conference last week.

I was CEO of Panelists and also did some of the setup. Thanks to all the other volunteers as well, it was great working with you!

The presenters were amazing and a lot of big ideas are formulating for my blogs, online video, consulting and Waldii.

Also met some great people and am anxious to get to know them better. I know we are going to do some cool things!

I took a lot of notes so expect a lot of posts. Some of the slide shows will be available, as well.

Thank you to Peter Sickles and Robert Swick from AlphaSearch for bringing all of us together.

If any AIM conference attendees are writing blog posts about their experience, please comment! I would love to have your take.


Waldii on

Hey guys,

Two of Waldii’s founders will be on talking about our creation.

Ian Conrad and I will be interviewed at 12:15 AST.

Check it out live, or find us after!

I will be posting the direct link to the video as soon as it is ready.

Anthony – Put your Events on the Map!

Waldii is a brand new business a group of dedicated and talented people started and launched in one weekend! It was held at the Hub Halifax from March 24-26.

Waldii is a place where you can post events, promotions, and sales on an interactive map. For example, business/networking sessions, fundraisers, and your group’s kite flying event! (One of the programmers loves to fly kites. I know… weird. jk Bill)

It began with people signing up for four categories: Programmer, Designer, Marketer, and Management on the Halifax Weekend website. I chose management and marketing. Here is a link to a few of the 15 participants.

On Friday we pitched ideas for a business we would like to start, and we made a decision on a concept. On Saturday and Sunday, the idea evolved into the awesomeness it currently is!

The programmers and designers are working on it constantly and it is getting better and better, every minute! Managers and marketers are doing their part, but the promotion, sales, and networking responsibilities are not as sexy.

Waldii’s official launch party is Monday April 6 at the Foggy Goggle in downtown Halifax. Come out and meet the founders from 6-8! Click the link below for details!

Click here for our story in the Chronicle Herald! Great job Patrick and Bill!

Follow Waldii on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook.

Btw, she is an otter.